At Vista Photo Tours, we endeavour to provide an exceptional photographic experience. Whether you are amateur or professional we are committed to getting you to the best locations at the right time and extending our knowledge to you.

Please take a minute to read the testimonials below from satisfied customers of previous tours run by Gabriele Lorenzini.

Wonderful journey, fabulous companions, wonderful places…I’m lavishing free compliments but it’s the truth! It’s a journey that any photographer (amateur, novice, professional, anyone in short) absolutely must do! Wonderful untouched places with climatic conditions that constantly change and put you to the test! The lanscape nirvana! The workshop leaders are carers, professionals in every sense, they put you at ease, help you if you’re in trouble and explain everything from A to Z both in the preparation and planning and in the different shooting sessions. The guys know the locations perfectly, they are able to adapt the shooting sessions depending on the weather changes so you can always “take away a picture “! Thanks guys for this wonderful experience! Testimonial about the Iceland Photo Tour

Thanks to Vista Photo Tours for this new workshop. I was able to refine my composition, shooting and post production techniques. This was my third course on landscape and night photography, while the topics have remained the same I have always found something new to learn. The instructors allowed me to use their equipment so I could test different lenses and filters. They were always present and available: they conveyed their technical and post production knowledge and also composition advices, they hopes to turn photographs into beautiful poems written with the light, and they do. The journey of 800km I have is no sacrifice to reach them. I would attend any new workshops immediately. The travel I have done with Vista Photo Tours, big or small, has always been a pleasant photographic adventure and I have always come back enriched. Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

It was a really exciting experience. Iceland is extremely charming and a journey of discovery of the four elements par excellence: water, air, earth, fire. At every corner there was something worth shooting and thanks to the organization of Vista Photo Tours there was no shortage of opportunities to capture the most beautiful landscapes. We travelled between the Aurora Borealis, glaciers, geysers and coastal cliffs. Although at times the altitude, cold and the early and late starts made it hard, the good company and the magnificent photos we took made it all worthwhile. The organization of Vista Photo Tours prepared us to face any weather. Approximately three months before the trip they held a briefing to give us some tips on clothing we would require to face the cold conditions. The same advice was extended to photographic equipment, we were advised to exclude all unnecessary items to avoid carrying unnecessary weight whilst moving around shoot locations. The accommodation was always carefully chosen and in absolutely strategic locations for the sunrise and sunsets shoots. Although adhering to a strict schedule is absolutely necessary for this tour there were still moments when we could stop and relax and enjoy the beauty and wonders of Iceland. Thanks go to Vista Photo Tours, we hope to go on another workshop soon. Testimonial about the Iceland Photo Tour

It was my first photography workshop and straight away I would like to highlight the organisation of the course and the competence of the teachers, they were highly professional. I learned both the theory and practical aspects of photography that are necessary to take landscape shots as well as night photography, which I had wanted to learn at all costs. Organisation is a notable strength of this workshop, it combines well the practical with lectures and post production classes. This allows open communication between teachers and participants, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of our images and making suggestions how to improve. The instructors were very patient and helpful, I was very satisfied with the workshops and what I have learned. As I have already said the organisation was perfect and the company pleasant. I would definitely recommend this workshop to those who are interested in the themes of this workshop and want and take home well composed and great technical images. A heart felt and sincere thanks to all. Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

Iceland is a magical country … . The emotions it elicits are indescribable. These locations are more beautiful than any others. The instructors are always ready for any situation which may arise in Iceland as well as being prepared for any small inconveniences that may occur on the journey. I would like to go back and do the full tour of the island …we’ll see, maybe it’s OK to do the short tour just to return 😉 Testimonial about the Iceland Photo Tour

Very interesting workshops (composition, best light, how to set up your camera, testing shooting options, photoshop) and great communication with the teachers, they were always available on every request. Beautiful and instructive night shoots capturing startrails and The Milky Way! Spectacular locations, great food and all in the pleasant company of my fellow participants. All very nice and well worth repeating! Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

For a long time I had been looking forward to my photographic journey with Vista Photo Tours to Iceland and my expectations were met. The accurate and timely flow of communication sent to participants before departure covered a wide variety of subjects from recommended clothing to the essential photographic equipment required. All the questions I asked were quickly answered. When we arrived in Iceland the daily organization (shifts in location, arrivals, stops, lunches and dinners) was notable for the efficiency and punctuality with which they were adhered to, all of which promoted our chances of achieving the best shot in the best location at the best light. The workshop leaders encouraged an informal atmosphere among the participants during our journey but they were always immediately available to offer advice on how best to gain the “perfect shot.” We travelled around the whole of Iceland, 2500km, viewing the landscape from the car as we travelled was an extra pleasure. I was very satisfied and can advice anyone wishing to make this photographic journey to rely on Vista Photo Tours and their team. Thank you guys! Testimonial about the Iceland Photo Tour

A trip to Iceland with Vista Photo Tours meant relying on their team of professionals. They planned eight intense and emotional days, allowing us to discover, explore and photograph enchanted places in the best light. The tour was enriched by the conviviality and light-hearted fun that was constant throughout the workshop. It was a fantastic adventure that I will always carry with me. Thank you so much. Testimonial about the Iceland Photo Tour

It was my first workshop and I am very satisfied with what I learnt from our two instructors. In just three days I learnt so much, I still have a lot to learn but it is a good starting point and definitely not the end I shall attend other Vista Photo Tours courses. Congratulations keep up the good work! Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

I already knew the tutors as I had attended a workshop with them in Tuscany, therefore I began this trip to Iceland in the certainty that I could count on their organization and availability. Even before departure their guidance and advice was always present, a Facebook group allows you to get to know and interact with other students. Once we arrived at the destination, the days were managed in the best way, every aspect was optimized according to the shots and the cohesion of the group, ensuring we shared great moments together. A truly memorable trip and many unique places visited, from Vik to the glacial lagoon, passing through some of the most iconic Icelandic waterfalls , and two stunning aurora borealis, we didn’t miss anything! Testimonial about the Iceland Photo Tour

I would like to recommend … the tutors as well as my fellow travelers! The organization before the trip (clothing and several phone calls) was very detailed in all aspects and consequently everything went well throughout the trip. For me this was the realization of a dream to visit Iceland and I hope to rerturn in the future, it is a wonderful land where I feel very comfortable. I was impressed with the tutors knowledge of the locations and their ability to move (even without a browser !) around like locals. It is essential to visit Iceland with people who are prepared for the experience and know the location well (which offers hostile and unpredictable weather). As a lover of landscapes Iceland has created a thrill and I will be back for sure! The journey did not seem to last long because, like everything beautiful … it seemed like a dream! Good luck guys. Testimonial about the Iceland Photo Tour

This was my first workshop. It as all very nice; wonderful places, a great group of people with whom it was easy to get along and two great tutors. I think I will repeat the experience when work commitments will allow me. Thanks for everything. Testimonial about the Dolomites photo tour

Wonderful experience, both technically and personally. Not to mention the gastronomic aspect! I spent four days devoted entirely to my greatest passion, in the places I love the most and in the company of people who think exactly like me … that’s the magic of this workshop that’s its winning formula. I think I learned a lot, had fun, but there is still room for improvement so I hope to repeat soon. Testimonial about the Dolomites photo tour

I enjoyed every moment of this intense workshop! Important briefings before the shoot and critical commentary of the photos taken: many tips and hints to avoid mistakes and to improve all our photos! With this workshop I learned how fascinating landscape photography is. There are many elements to consider when seeking the perfect photo. The teachers were of an excellent standard and were by our side at all times, adapting to all our individual needs. The landscape of the Val D’ Orcia speaks for itself: simply magical! Would I recommend this course? Absolutely yes! This course is for you: If you already have a good foundation in photography, want to improve your technique or you just want to approach the fantastic world of landscape photography! Thanks to the instructors and to the whole group who went through this wonderful experience with me. Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

I attended this course to try to learn something new about composition and to improve my shooting technique. The great thing about this workshop is the friendly group atmosphere. The instructors are always there and always available. It was not my first workshop with them and will not be the last … despite the 800 km to reach them. Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

This was a very beautiful and important experience for a beginner like me, it has opened up a new world for me. Val D’ Orcia is very beautiful and the teachers were technically well prepared, funny and very patient. Everything was perfect. Thanks for everything, I will definitely attend again. Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

When I returned home I realized what a lot I had learned from this workshop. I did not know how important it was to use all the emotions you are feeling when looking at a landscape and how important the details are to convey the atmosphere to the viewer. You must chase the light and concentrate on finding your location and not get distracted by the amount of shooting possibilities. The Val d’ Orcia is a beautiful place to start. I want to thank the instructors who passed on their experience, all the necessary tools and so much motivation. Until next time ! Testimonial about the Tuscany Photo Tour

I attended your workshop. The course is a bit like chewing a Fruit Pastille … as soon as you have finished chewing you always want another. I have a list of your courses and workshops that I intend to take. I am always satisfied by your professionalism and the clarity of your explanations. Thanks a lot for (yet another) wonderful experience … Testimonial about the Dolomites Photo Tour

I had a great experience; both for the choice of location and the group were really great. It was a lot of fun and the organizers were really very good and professional. Even though I had limited experience with digital cameras (only a year) I found it easy to follow the course because the organizers explained very well if I didn’t understand. They helped smoothly and comprehensively and were happy to re-explain the most difficult concepts. A completely positive experience. Thank you! Monica Testimonial about the Dolomites Photo Tour

The workshop was organized very well: the choice of locations, the classroom sessions and feedback on our photos were great. The instructors are very talented and were always available to interact with participants, solve problems and give direction.

Testimonial about the Dolomites Photo Tour

It was a really great experience. I learned new techniques and refreshed some old ones. Excellent organization, in particular I found the time spent in the classroom reviewing participant’s photos very useful. The instructors were well prepared and always at hand to help. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them and the other participants.

Testimonial about the Dolomites Photo Tour

Wonderful experience in a fantastic location. The workshop was prepared and organized in a manner nothing short of impeccable. The teachers were very prepared and always extremely helpful in answering any request, requirement or question from all participants. Definitely an experience to be repeated, and one that I would recommend to all fans of photography. Testimonial about the Dolomites Photo Tour